Beneath the Alabaster Spire (The Immortal Orders #2) – Book Review

Beneath the Alabaster Spire (The Immortal Orders #2)
by Allison Carr Waechter

Genres: LGBTQIA Romantic Fantasy

Pub. Date: October 18, 2022

Format: E-ARC via Allison


Beware what lies beneath the Alabaster Spire.

Harlow Krane and Finn McKay have been trying their best to enjoy their seaside summer in Nea Sterlis. As they fall deeper in love, surrounded by their friends and family, that should be easy.

But as the summer begins to wind down, it’s clear that the problems they left behind in Nuva Troi have followed them to the beach. Between the paparazzi and the elder Illuminated, someone is always watching Harlow and Finn—recording their every move. As a storm of rebellion brews in far-off Falcyra, new secrets about the Illuminated are revealed.

With tensions mounting, Harlow and Finn must become the storm to survive what’s coming for them. Their love will be tested beyond their wildest imagination. Just how far will they go to save one another?

Return to the world of The Immortal Orders in the blazing hot sequel to Dark Night Golden Dawn.

Beneath the Alabaster Spire is the sequel to Dark Night Golden Dawn and it continues to weave worlds, tangle threads, and leave you suspended in the brilliance that is ACW’s world building. With multiple characters and fluctuating relationship dynamics, this book is both character and plot driven. It takes a special skill to do both and I think ACW does it brilliantly.

I devoured this book in two sittings. When I enter this world, I never want leave. The tension between the orders, the characters, the mission vs. the personal, it’s so intricately done and I adore every moment.

I adore the characters in this book. Harlow and Finn have my heart, but so does Larkin. And Cian. And Aurelia. And Petra. And Enzo. Literally all of them. I cannot pick a favorite. And the queer normative world lends to gorgeous representation and lovely dynamics. I love a huge cast.

Because there is a wide range of characters, we get to experience a range of relationships. Platonic and familial and romantic. My favorite might be the relationship between Larkin and herself as she navigates her asexuality. But also love Kate and Harlow’s friendship. And Petra and her relationship which I won’t spoil. And Harlow’s relationship with her healing and showing us how it takes time. It’s complicated and feelings are weird and wonderful. It’s a process. The brilliance of the range and dynamics in relationships in this book are amazing.

This queer normative fantasy world is also tied in to ACW’s other series Outlaws of Interra. This book really is coming through with the tie-ins and the weaving of universes and worlds and I am in awe of the levels and interconnection.

If you like romantic fantasy, mid size heroines, queer characters, family dynamics and the range of platonic and romantic relationships, with a heavy does of magical tension and mystery, pick up this series please.

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