hello, dear hearts

I’m Ashley or Ash. A queer, neurodivergent, genderfluid person who frequently updates their bios and profile pictures because I am constantly evolving.

Currently what best describes me: coffee with honey and a splash of sweetened almond milk, dozens of read messages that I keep forgetting to respond to, dark academia aesthetic or cozy queer aesthetics, refusing to move from my spot until the urge to pee is too strong, a never ending TBR pile, and writing on post-it notes that I keep losing and finding weeks later.

I am also a writer of an unspecified genre, not trying to sound mysterious, but literally because I want to write all the genres, so it’s somehow none of them and all of them for now.

Any pronouns, default They/Them
Scorpio Sun | Libra Moon | Aries Rising
INFP & Enneagram 4w3