Siblings & Steaks

My phone rang, jolting me out of my growing frustration. “Where the fuck are you, Blaze?”

“Now is that any way to treat your favorite sister?”

I sighed, “You’re my only sister. Which by default also makes you the most annoying sister. You said you’d be here ten minutes ago. Sammy is getting restless and our steaks are getting cold.” Okay, I was being a little dramatic. Dakota could warm these up in no time with a touch of his hand, lucky bastard. “I’m going to give yours to Sammy.”

Sammy, my lupine familiar, perked up and walked over to plant her furry face in my lap and looked up at me with her golden yellow eyes. I reached down to give her a fuss with my free hand and sighed again. 

“Quit with the dramatics, Jules. I’m parking behind the pub now. Tell Sammy I love her, but I will tell Dakota to make her sit outside if she eats my steak.”

Sammy gave a grunt, hearing every word my sister said. I hung up on Blaze without responding or saying goodbye. She hated when I did that.

Oh well. What were siblings for if not to annoy?

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Ashley “Ash” Story is a genre-fluid writer who runs on way too many cups of coffee, queer chaos, and towering book stacks.

When they are not working on one of several WIPs, they are most likely reading queer romances, watching British cozy mysteries, scrolling Instagram, or wishing they were doing any of those things.

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