New Review Policy (That No One Asked For)

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Genres I Will Review Here: 

All of the queer romance, queer fantasy, queer sci-fi/spec fic, queer horror. And non queer books of the same genres, I just really prefer my worlds diverse and queer as fuck. 

With a major emphasis on indie authors.

Genres I Will Not Review Here: 

Young Adult or Middle Grade novels except in the context of star reviews on my GoodReads and StoryGraph. It’ll probably have a quick one or two sentence review/reaction/raving about the story and my fave character.

I have decided that YA and Middle Grade are books that I read for enjoyment and the escapism. And since I am not the intended audience for these, nor a professional reviewer/critic, I don’t want to spend time on reviewing these for others, just enjoying them for myself.

How I Review:

I lean towards reviewing what I loved/liked more than anything. And it differs with each book. Since I read a mixture of character driven and plot driven novels, my reviews tend to skew toward what the drive of the novel is. 

Some books I review mostly the characters and their relationships because that is the focus, some books I review the plot and twists because that is the focus. I review what I like and what sticks out the most. 

My Star Rating Explained: 

5 Stars – This book changed me on a deep level – such as how I relate to the characters, how it affects my view of the genre, and I want the words tattooed on my body so I never forget them. Also, catch me deep in the fandom and recommending the book to everyone.

4 Stars – This book was damn good and I loved it – there were some moments that maybe didn’t “work” for me for various reasons but the rest of the book made up for it in many ways. 

3 Stars – This book had moments that I really liked – more moments that I didn’t care for, but the characters made up for it and the storyline kept me hooked. 

2 Stars or 1 Stars – 99% of the time, you will never see me rate books this low. The book has to be deeply horrific representation or unredeemable for me to rate it at a 2 or 1. 

No Rating – This book is probably an anthology and I have no clue how to rate those. OR, I am baffled by the book and have no idea what to rate it OR it’s a mixture of 2 star/1 star/DNF

DNF (Did Not Finish) – This book didn’t keep my attention, or I was in the wrong headspace, or I realized I was not the target audience. Will usually not give a reason why unless it’s to add Content Warnings for other readers to mark the part of the book that had me drop it.

NRN (Not Right Now) – Similar to a DNF, but for this book I know is for me, I just need to be in the right headspace to try again OR I got interrupted by hyperfixation and forgot to come back to this book, but will revisit once hyperfixation is over

Final Note

Not. All. Books. Are. 5. Stars. And that is okay!!

I love 3 stars, I love middle of the road books that entertain me and I read in one sitting because the characters keep pulling me along. I love popcorn books, I love to be entertained.

Not all books have to change your life. Not all books have to be a masterpiece. There is something to be said for authors who crank out books that are just pure entertainment and fun. Sometimes I prefer reading six of these in a row than two 5 stars in a row. I need those breathers, I need those little hits of brilliance.

3 stars are necessary for me. And 3 stars are still recommended books from me.

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