Opinions & Obscurity (These Stubborn Hearts #4)

Photo by Golnar sabzpoush rashidi on Pexels.com

Les opened the door to his office. 

After they both settled into a seat, Les asked, “Why had no-one heard from Adele in sixteen years? She didn’t strike me as someone who could go without giving her opinions.” 

“You’re not wrong. But after a while, my parents stopped caring about her opinions.”

While she didn’t exactly dodge the question, Ms. Harrington’s answer was frustratingly vague. But manners instilled in him since childhood inhibited his desire to interrogate Ms. Harrington further.

Les wanted to know what Ms. Harrington was thinking. Her face was composed. He didn’t believe that for a second.

If you missed the previous chapter you can catch up: Charming Muffins & Cheeky Musings

This week’s words for The Prediction flash fiction challenge: dodge, inhibition, no-one

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