Charming Muffins & Cheeky Musings (These Stubborn Hearts #3)

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on

“You cannot make this situation better by plying me with chocolate chip muffins, Ms. Harrington.” 

Taura would’ve believed him, if he wasn’t currently peeling the wax paper off his third muffin. She hid her smile behind her tea. 

Mr. Stacey continued, “Estranged family estates are…less than ideal.” 

Taura was aware of how “less than ideal her” family was. She was doing her best not to follow in their footsteps. 

“Can we continue this elsewhere?” 

Mr. Stacey looked up from his muffin, shaved chocolate pieces falling to the table. “You’re willing to listen then?”

“Yes, but I can’t promise I’ll accept.”

If you missed the previous chapter you can catch up: Crafty Clients & Exhausted Executors.

This week’s words for Flash Fiction Weekly Challenge: The Prediction are: footstep, shave, and wax.

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