Do y’all ever get hit with such a MOOD read that you abandon all current reads and plow through three different ones?

That was me this past weekend. I’ve been reading Meet Me in the Margins (a You’ve Got Mail inspired novel set in the publishing world), The Work Wife (a queer contemporary #MeToo heavy novel set in Hollywood), and The Only Good Indians (a horror novel set around four Indigenous men).

All of those books are great, to be very clear. But then I finished Wonderland (a thriller novel set at a theme park/small town) and I needed something to pull me out of that world. It was so good, so twisty, and intense as fuck. So I needed something to let my brain go.

So, I read a motorcycle club romance and two monster erotica*. Fallen angels, specifically. Because apparently that is my thing right now. I’m not mad about, just highly amused.

*If y’all have not read the Creature Café series by Clio Evans and queer monster erotica with a ton of dark kink is your thing, go immediately. The last book comes out in ONE WEEK!

Anyhoo, please share with me the mood reads that come for you! I want to know.

Until next time,