Book Review: Vengeance Becomes Her

Vengeance Becomes Her
By: Alexis C. Maness
Genres: Dark Fantasy Romance
Publication Date: July 7, 2022
Format: E-ARC via Alexis

Synopsis from GoodReads:

He will regret awakening the monster within me.

Cast against a shadowed low fantasy world, this tale of feminine rage, dark magic, and desire follows Rhiannon in her bloody pursuit of vengeance.

Death came for Rhiannon disguised as love. She survived, barely. Now, she will do anything to get her revenge and finally claw her way back to herself. But the forces against her are greater and more sinister than one man, and she’s not the only one in danger.

Fear for the women of Larindia and beyond propels Rhiannon down an increasingly dangerous path that illuminates an insidious evil that has lurked in the shadows of her world as she seeks to stop the man who took everything from her. She will get her retribution, but will her thirst for blood destroy her in the process?

Please read full list of Content Warnings here.


Vengeance Becomes Her is a dark fantasy romance that takes the “fuck the patriarchy” and revenge trope to a brilliantly done extreme. Alexis C. Maness writes incredible Big Babes & Badassery, aka, gorgeously fat, morally grey characters.

Part of me still doesn’t actually know what to write for a review. I am just still in awe and processing this world, these characters, these relationships, THE ENDING! I will warn the most WHAAA of cliffhangers. So so worth it though.

Rhiannon and Tristian both are swoon worthy and I have a crush on both of them. So much so, that I want to shake them when they are being ridiculous, Rhiannon more so (FOR VALID REASONS). I adore every scene they are together, every intimate scene, every fight scene, every spicy scene. These two know how to bring the heat. Maness is exceptional at writing shifting power dynamics in sex scenes. I love love love watching them both be the dominant one and then in the next breath decide when they want or need to submit.

And Silas. I don’t know what to say about Silas. He’s not a redeemable villain by any means, and I appreciate that being done! I love me a redeemable villain, but sometimes villains are just the worst. And that’s okay!

The revenge journey is so well done, so hard to read at times because I just want to hug Rhiannon and wish hugs were enough. But that is the beauty of this book. People heal and grieve differently. I cannot wait to see where Maness takes this in the sequel. I honestly don’t even know what I am expecting or what I want to happen. I’m just ready for it.

If you like gorgeous, swoony worthy stabby babes, angsty romance, hot as fuck sex scenes, and revenge stories, Vengeance Becomes Her should be on your list immediately.

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