Trying to keep to a schedule is rubbish. Trying to do accomplish anything without a schedule is also rubbish.

Thank you, ADHD, you’re the worst.

I don’t normally post here on Mondays, but my brain wanted to write something, share something. Even though at this point it’s post coffee rambles and rambling around a topic – schedules.

Tomorrow I have a book review scheduled for a book that came out a month ago. I had a flash fic scheduled for Thursday, but then decided it was too depressing and put it back in my drafts. And now I’m writing this.

I know there is no magic formula to beat the social media algorithms, but maybe if I keep changing it up, I can sneak around it. But probably not. Still trying not to compare myself to my good month. But alas.

Now it’s time for second cup of coffee.

Until next time,