(Mostly) Unedited, Unfiltered: It’s All Rubbish

Trying to keep to a schedule is rubbish. Trying to do accomplish anything without a schedule is also rubbish.

Thank you, ADHD, you’re the worst.

I don’t normally post here on Mondays, but my brain wanted to write something, share something. Even though at this point it’s post coffee rambles and rambling around a topic – schedules.

Tomorrow I have a book review scheduled for a book that came out a month ago. I had a flash fic scheduled for Thursday, but then decided it was too depressing and put it back in my drafts. And now I’m writing this.

I know there is no magic formula to beat the social media algorithms, but maybe if I keep changing it up, I can sneak around it. But probably not. Still trying not to compare myself to my good month. But alas.

Now it’s time for second cup of coffee.

Until next time,

One thought on “(Mostly) Unedited, Unfiltered: It’s All Rubbish”

  1. Omg I FEEEEEEEL this…a schedule is sooooo hard to maintain…but it’s also so erfing hard to be consistent without one 😭


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