Y’all, Texas allergies hit different. I am currently drinking hot coffee to sooth my throat. I wasn’t able to sleep because it was too swollen. My mom had to buy some more allergy meds for me. Whew. I hate Texas allergies.

Sometimes it catches me off guard how differently month to month goes. For reading, mental health, physical health, priorities, energy, etc. and I don’t hate it. I love change (even if my anxiety doesn’t) and I love being able to start again. I feel like mid year is a good time to set some things down and pick some new ones up.

Now, on to our wrap up!

Books Read

  • The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes (Kit Webb #2) by Cat Sebastian
  • The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill
  • Unhinged (Necessary Evils #1) by Onley James
  • They Drown Our Daughters by Katrina Monroe
  • Psycho (Necessary Evils #2) by Onley James
  • A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poisons by Kate Khavari

Posts Written


Thinking about how I contain multitudes, contradictions, and am so very human

Drinking coffee with honey and unsweetened almond milk out of my They/Them mug

Listening to my two oldest niblings play with my mom and stepdad

Daydreaming about moving to Ireland or New Zealand

Admiring my mom’s office set up with my old desk


I realize I forgot to do a Mini Read for the month, but since I read mostly NetGalley books (which have their own posts), I don’t feel too bad about it since those get their own posts. If you don’t already, you can add me as a friend or follow me on GoodReads and StoryGraph to keep up with my reviews that way too.

Next month, I plan on switching up how I do reviews anyways. I think I’m going to do more mini reviews for NetGalley and make a monthly wrap up for my ARCs and then focus on long reviews for my queer indie authors. I also want to go back to posting my Instagram story reviews more which I have been falling behind on.

We shall see! Y’all know I love to change things up.

Until next time,