(Mostly) Unedited, Unfiltered: Still Trying

I have been going back and forth with myself on whether to close this energy space of writing. But then I keep getting folks who tell me how much they love that I still blog, love my queer book recommendations, so I think I want to stick around longer.

Also, I have always had the intent that one day I will save money for a website overhaul to make this a blog and my author website. So, there’s that.

I think I just need to get my brain sorted again and start treating this with more care and priority than I have done. Which requires a lots of mental shifts, that I am not exactly ready for but also, I don’t want to drag it out.

Fuck, I don’t think any of this makes sense.

Also, gentle reminder to myself June is a really hard fucking month that takes a toll on my mental energy, which extends to my reading and writing. *deep sigh* But I can do this and I love and adore y’all’s support here. Truly.

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “(Mostly) Unedited, Unfiltered: Still Trying”

  1. Ughhh I so feel you, this is basically how I’m feeling about insta of late and I just don’t know if I want to stay there but also I don’t want to lose the connections that I’ve made there but ughhhhh it is such a massive energy suck and just trying to scroll the feed overwhelms me and it just feels so ughhh/ickkkk overall so idkkk 😩
    But I hope you find a way to share your words that feels good and sustainable for you…and I, and I’m sure many others, will def be here for however that manifests into the world 🖤🖤🖤


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