Book Review: The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes

The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes
The Queer Principles of Kit Webb #2
By: Cat Sebastian
Genres: Historical Romance, LGBTQIA
Publication Date: June 7, 2022
Format: E-ARC via NetGalley

Synopsis from GoodReads:

Marian Hayes, the Duchess of Clare, just shot her husband. Of course, the evil, murderous man deserved what was coming to him, but now she must flee to the countryside. Unfortunately, the only person she can ask for help is the charismatic criminal who is blackmailing her–and who she may have left tied up a few hours before…

A highwayman, con artist, and all-around cheerful villain, Rob Brooks is no stranger to the wrong side of the law or the right side of anybody’s bed. He never meant to fall for the woman whose secrets he promised to keep for the low price of five hundred pounds, but how could he resist someone who led him on a merry chase all over London, left him tied up in a seedy inn, and then arrived covered in her husband’s blood and in desperate need of his help?

As they flee across the country–stopping to pick pockets, drink to excess, and rescue invalid cats–they discover more true joy and peace than either has felt in ages. But when the truth of Rob’s past catches up to him, they must decide if they are willing to reshape their lives in order to forge a future together.


Thank you to Cat Sebastian, Avon Books, and NetGalley for a free e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes is just as brilliant and queer as The Queer Principles of Kit Webb. I love that we got to see Marian and Rob in this book and love where this story took me.

A quick gush before review – I am utterly in love with the first chapter being Marian and Rob’s entire letter correspondence that takes places in the wings of the first book. Seeing little nods to the coffeeshop, Percy, and Kit made my heart happy. I was really hoping we would get those!

Marian is a quick witted, reluctant duchess who just wants freedom for herself, her daughter, her father, and her friend Percy. She does not want or need anything Sentimental or Cozy. Rob is a charming, roguish man with a secret, who wants to make sure his friend Kit is safe from the noose, probably repair their relationship, and just wishes his heart would stop doing Things around Marian.

These bisexual disasters are amazing together, their banter is top tier, and I just have the most epic of crushes on them both.

And once again, it wouldn’t be a Cat Sebastian book without commentary on classism and I am so here for it. And I adore the way it’s done, grappling with “inherited” titles, dukes and duchesses. I love seeing Rob and Marian’s view points as they both struggle with the idea of freedom their “roles” in society.

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am obsessed with the relationship dynamic and the steamy scenes and how that dynamic plays out. How it’s just so queer and goes where I rarely see M/F relationships go. I have such high standards to begin with and now they are even higher, so thank you, Cat Sebastian for that.

If you like queer novels, the most disastrous of bisexuals, banter, and a high stakes romance, please read this series and join me in being absolutely gone on these characters.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes”

  1. Okay so your review of this book got me to preorder it, but then I realized it won’t be out until the 7th and there was a book before it, so I got that one and read it in one night and it’s all your fault i am HOOKED good gods I love them and Tuesday can’t come quickly enough tytyty


      1. Had to check and my library has a whole slew of them on Libby so that’s def going to be happening 😄🙌🏻


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