Y’all don’t know this, but Thursdays are supposed to be my flash fics. Well, now you know this. Tuesdays for reviews, Thursdays for flash fics, Saturdays for In A Brown Study. But I’m moving my In a Brown Study posts to a Substack at the end of the month. So Saturdays have room for posts like this, even though it’s Thursday when you’re reading this.

I went back and read my four flash fics on this blog and am mildly impressed by them. And then deeply upset that I can’t seem to get back into that writing zone I felt while writing them. Something tells me I was starting to take myself too seriously with the flash fics when I intended them to be a fun writing practice. Not serious.

It’s a bad habit I have. Turning fun things into serious things and then getting caught up in the details and perfection that I end of freezing and not doing it at all. Maybe I should talk to my therapist about that. (Which reminds me I need to email her, she was supposed to email last week to schedule an appointment and never did.)

Anyhoo, I need to figure out this flash fic situation. Because I do have so much fun diving into the middle of a story and just writing what comes to mind with no expectation to ever finish them. Just glimpses, vignettes, passing by their window, if you will, of these characters in a brief moment.

Now to find a new window,