A Note on In A Brown Study posts: I plan on moving these to Substack by the end of the month. Along with these normal ten things list posts, I plan on doing some creative non fiction writing as well, also updates on my writing projects.

1. Note to self: Hot Pockets are snacks, not meals.

2. Thinking about names again. Renaming. Names for certain people, names for certain environments, names for certain stages of life. Insert a non-binary/trans joke here about naming yourself a noun. All I know for sure is Story. Story will stay.

3. I injured my hand while opening a jar of honey. I wish I were joking, y’all. This is the second time this year!

4. Currently reading a book about a virus, religious zealots, with a heavy dose of body gore/body horror. But also about being trans, being queer, finding pockets of survival. It’s a journey and is leaving me with much feelings.

5. The loading circles are my nemesis. Just fight me. – says the Aries Rising

6. Alternating between reading a whole book all at once or reading a chapter at a time and taking weeks. It’s rather annoying, really.

7. Ta-Done lists versus To-Do lists. Ta-Done…like Ta-dah! Because I did the thing. Get it? Please laugh. It’s funny. It’s clever. You’re very amused right now. Thank you.

8. Thought about finally watching Killing Eve and then saw how they ended the series. I’m fucking pissed and don’t know if I should put myself through that. Might need to just read the books instead.

9. I need to sort through my clothes again. But maybe not when I’m bloated and everything hurts my skin.

10. Crunch crunch crunch goes my hand bones. Not good.