Moon Femme Musings: The Day After New Year’s

1. By the end of this post, I want to have figured out a new name for these Ten Things/Moon Femme Musings. Part of me thinks that I should wait to post this/write this until I have a new name, but if I do that, I might never get this writing done.

2. I spent part of the evening of NYE in the hot tub and finally got some relief for my back and hips. Alas, the pain is back from sitting down through the day, but yay our hot tub works again so I can use it as often as I need to.

3. Naming Selves and Identities and Personalities.

4. Sometimes I think that I should set a timer for writing these posts so that I writing without editing and just get some words out. But sometimes I think that the way I write them works just fine so why change it.

5. I really need to drink more water.

6. Nine minutes until my next alarm goes off.

7. Archiving, deleting, unfollowing, unsubscribing, rearranging.

8. Strength + The Lovers.

9. I’m going to be starting family dinners again next Saturday and I’m trying to think of something warm and nourishing. But I deleted my old Pinterest food board so now I have to start over. Oops.

10. I still haven’t thought of a new name for this Ten Things/Moon Femme Musing posts.

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