I am in denial that 2022 is almost here. I swear it’s still 2019. I may post a more serious note about how 2021 has been emotionally, but for now, I want to do a fun wrap up. With links galore! This wrap up entirely focuses on what I’ve written here and what I’ve read. I’ll also share new updated links for ways to continue connecting with me in 2022.

And now we dive in.

Top Three Most Viewed Posts

I’m pretty in awe of how popular my first flash fic was. I really want to continue doing these in 2022 with a bit more regularity. Also, it seems like birthday post are always a good thing. I want to pick some more personal days through the year and share more things. And lastly, y’all loved that couch hopping flash fic.

Top Three Personal Favorite Posts

These are my personal faves for many reasons, most of it to do with how proud I was posting them and showing some accomplishments. For instance, May was the month I read the most books, before November came swinging in. And my favorite flash fic I’ve written so far is one that has been percolating for years. I adapted it to become a flash fic, but the bones of that story have been in my archived writings for years.

Fun Reading Stats

  • I read 59 (as of 12/23) books this year…that’s 16,338 pages total, y’all
  • Shortest book was 12 pages (love me some short novelettes/novellas)
  • Longest book was 535 pages (hello, Jane Eyre)
  • I read 22,445,198 words of FanFic (thank you to Good Omens)
  • I read 17 books in one week (thank you, E. M. Lindsey)

I don’t know how I’m going to beat my fanfics stats next year, or if I want to focus more on writing fanfic. Let’s be honest, I’ll do both. Not sure if I want to share my AO3 yet, we shall see.

Also, I want to read more novellas, more short stories collections, and set my reading goal at 150 books. Mostly because I bought a cute reading journal and it’s set for 150 books. I may include novel length fanfics as part of my book reading goal as well, because seriously. The amount of fics I read this year were between 40K and 150K words.

More Fun Reading Stats

  • 71% books written by queer authors
  • 80% books had queer characters
  • Most read genres were: LGBTQ, Romance, and Fantasy
  • Least read genres were: Manga, Memoir, and Sci-fi
  • Average star rating: 4.3 out of 5

I made it a priority to read queer books and will continue to do so. I want to branch out more in my genres and read more sci-fi. The tracking system on StoryGraph is lovely, but also, some of the books are mislabeled in my opinion. I know I read more mysteries this year than the tracker showed.

Staying Connected

At the end of the year, I tend to go through my newsletters and social medias and delete/unfollow when I know I am not feeling inspiration. So, if this is not a space you want to continue following, no hard feelings at all.

If you do want to stay connected, here are the best ways:

This blog has an integrated WordPress email every time I post something new and can go right to your inbox. (Scroll down the home page to sign up.) There is a lot I want to do here for the coming year and would love y’all to see it.

Instagram is my favorite social media (even if I dislike much of the direction and algorithm issues). I tend to post most often in the IG Stories and try to post on the general feed once or twice a week.

Twitter is another space I’m trying to use more. I use it mostly for book and writing related things. And also to follow my favorite authors.

Tumblr is mostly for my dark academia and fandom loves. I am planning on using it more next year and making book aesthetic post/reviews and such

And lastly, for folks who just want to creep my book habits, GoodReads and The StoryGraph are my favorite.

And this is it for my last post for 2021. See y’all in the New Year!