Moon Femme Musings: Mental Health, Coffee, & Novellas

1. Thinking about taking a social media break soon. I’m not sure for how long, but it feels like something I should do for my mental health. Also debating deleting my Facebook entirely.

2. I emailed a few therapists the other day, already had one phone consultation and have another lined up for Monday morning. I am cautiously optimistic. I have a greater sense of what I want to work on and what patterns I want to stop repeating, so hopefully with those things in mind I will get more out of therapy.

3. *add all the things to cart* Ugh, do I really need these? *closes laptop immediately* I just want to treat myself damn it! *gets email* did you forget something in your cart? NO I DID NOT!

4. Homemade gyros and tzatziki sauce.

5. Fourteen tabs open with different novellas I would like to buy. Lolsob. Maybe I should read the books I have first? Except for I really wanted to theme my November to be Novella November, soooo?

6. The Chocolat soundtrack is always a good idea.

7. I poured my coffee mug way to full. Oops. Now I have to do the awkward lean over the table to slurp it out before picking it up. But somehow have to time it right so I don’t burn my lips.

8. Woke up to 53 degree weather. It’s happening, people! Autumn is happening! Now I have to dig out my long fleece pajamas. And am determined to buy flannel sheets this season for real.

9. Decisions need to be made. And they are really difficult ones. But rather make the decision for myself than have it be made for me.

10. Will I write today?

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