moon femme musings: naps, cramps, and british shows

one. i keep meaning to change the names of these moon femme musings. but truly don’t know what it would be to. and maybe i’m just being slightly ridiculous. i just want everything across my socials to go together and match aesthetics. even though i change my mind frequently anyways. oh well.

two. when a “i’ll just close my eyes for a few minutes” turns into two hour long nap and you still don’t feel rested.

three. this month i put myself on a book buying ban and had some lovely friends gifted me books from my wishlist. i tried very hard not to cry, because i honestly didn’t think anyone would do so. sometimes i am reminded that humanity is pretty damn beautiful.

four. these cramps are horrible.

five. i love the first line of books. i’m also obsessed with writing the perfect first lines for all my stories. so much so that i rarely ever finished writing any of them for that reason.

six. i’m on season four of midsomer murders. there are twenty something? it’s one of those older british shows that they never cancel. seriously, it started in 1997 and it’s still going. i saw a baby orlando bloom get run through with a pitchfork. i saw professor umbridge and cornelius fudge in the same episode, and that was a strange one. a few more folks that i can’t recall off the top of my head, but i love seeing actors across shows.

seven. damn, have i mentioned these cramps are horrible?

eight. dr pepper & cream soda. perhaps my new favorite soda, besides just regular dr pepper, that is.

nine. a bit bittersweet that my trip to texas is over in four days. i will miss my family here so much and it will be nice to go back to a place i consider home. i want to figure out how to see my texas family more often, but this pandemic is not getting better, and is in fact getting worse. it’s incredibly frustrating.

ten. which reminds me, i really need to look for a new therapist. i wonder if any specialize in pandemic related mental health problems?

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