moon femme musings: conversations, coffee, and corporate america

one. i keep meaning to use my notes app and track random things throughout my day so that i have an easier time of writing these. i want to be able to recollect my days and weeks and months, but i need to just accept that my memory is kind of shit.

two. texas. pecan. coffee. *insert happy sobbing noises*

three. it is astounding to me how quickly i get tired when i’m outside too long during this texas summer, or when i swim, or when i have three little babies hanging off of me. i’ve missed them so much.

four. my oldest leo got a nail stamper machine for her birthday and i got to use it. so i gave myself pink and purple nails and then stamped on a unicorn on my middle finger and a bunny with a rainbow on the other middle finger. gotta keep it queer, always.

five. i keep looking at my weather app and is just shows a cactus with a huge sun and says Very Hot. lolsob. that’s how i know i’m in texas.

six. i think my new favorite word is sapphic.

seven. my mom has a roomba vacuum. her name is rosie. rosie scared the shit out of me at 8:30 while i was trying to make my coffee. she picked up my cousin’s charger and keep slinging it around.

eight. texas allergies hit different than my michigan allergies. texas allergies sit in my throat and makes my eyes itchy. michigan allergies sit on my skin and give me a headache. why are bodies?

nine. yesterday had a wonderful two hour conversation with my brother in law about capitalism, our prison system, the stock market, communities, and all the things that we both hold dear. the one thing we both agree on is that our government needs a reset. also that corporate america is ruining everything for everyone.

ten. sometimes i can’t tell how much water is left in my water bottle and i go to finish the last little sip and suddenly my shirt is soaked because i tried to knock back the last third of the bottle.

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