thirty three

one. it’s three thirty-three as i type up my thirty third blog post. *insert the x-files theme song*

two. for the past several days, i have been waking up at eight thirty, out of bed by nine, so i can make my coffee and settle down at my kitchen table and start my day. i have been lighting a candle and incense each morning (which reminds me that i need to order some new incense) and have tried to journal or at least post something on instagram. anything that strikes my mood lately. on tuesday and wednesday, i had video chats and these chats always remind me that i do need face to face time with friends and family. virtual face to face, that is. still not doing a lot of in real time face to face because pandemic.

three. ’tis the season for iced coffee, but each morning, i still drink hot coffee. i feel like a horrible queer person because i don’t really do iced coffee (unless it’s made with love from loved ones). although, lately, i have been wanting to make some myself because pinterest keeps showing me summer flavored syrups. the strawberry chocolate one sounds particularly delightful.

four. this month, i’ve made family dinner twice. i made mini pancake muffins and this tater tot casserole. also learned that i need to make double the amount of mini pancake muffins. i also made this tuscan shrimp pasta with garlic bread. starting in july, i plan on making family dinner every saturday. i forgot how much i love cooking. please feel free to send me ideas! i am feeding a family of nine over the summer.

five. welp, i just got distracted for an hour updating my about page. what do y’all think?

six. when does lactaid run out? asking for myself. i think i took them with my first sip of iced coffee an hour ago…i hope they are still going to work for all this dairy. that’s what i get for getting distracted, damn it. yay adhd.

seven. speaking of adhd. i had a chat with a friend of mine about our anxiety and adhd. and how they overlap and professional tend to want to just focus on the anxiety and not on the adhd. because what happened with both of us, was this: our anxiety outweighed everything. so when we got meds for the anxiety, our adhd was like “oh, hello, is it my turn? thank you.” hoping to start my new meds that target both the anxiety and the adhd. fingers crossed and candles lit, please.

eight. i have two or three packages of books waiting at the p.o. box. i swear i will get them eventually. *lolsob*

nine. all the news about the delta variant of covid is really starting to upset me. i am planning on visiting my family july/august and i can feel my anxiety spiking as i think about this new variant and how easily this one seems to spread. and how quickly this one hits. and how long this one keeps you in hospital. i keep hearing mixed reports about current vaccines being somewhat resistant to it, but possibly not for long.

ten. to end on a lighter note: i’m going to eat these chocolate covered cherries and go watch murder, she wrote.

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