ten things: may fifteenth

one. the hellfire club with sebastian crane is one of my favorite patreon memberships. i attended my first virtual meeting on saturday and had so much fun. i dressed up a bit, had a london fog to drink, and enjoyed learning about jack sheppard, thievery magic of the 18th century, and added a few books to my shopping cart. i’m most excited for confessions of the fox by jordy rosenberg.

two. i set my profile picture on instagram to a blank dark green circle. i feel like i am on the edge of another shift, but can’t figure out what it is. so i kind of don’t want to be seen until i figure it out. i have no idea if that makes sense. it barely makes sense to me but it’s just what i want to do.

three. how is it already may?

four. craving oatmeal with brown sugar, honey, butter, and walnuts. also a plate of crispy bacon and hashbrowns. but also a chocolate caramel cake with ice cream.

five. i keep going back and forth on starting or joining writing groups. i’ve been in a few, but i’m never able to stick around. what do people like in writing groups? what makes them stick around? i wish i had the answers. and honestly i don’t know what the answers are for me either.

six. fun fact, i wrote the first five things on monday night, today is now saturday afternoon. what is consistent? what is finishing? i don’t know them.

seven. i went to go take a nap before i remembered that morning ashley thought it was a great idea to dump all the laundry on her bed. now afternoon ashley is cranky and their ass is going numb because they are sitting on the floor in protest.

eight. black cherry water. that is all.

nine. still determined to figure out a new website/platform for writing. but until that time, i’m going to keep doing what i’m doing. even though more often than not if feels like i’m talking into a void.

ten. the moon just moved into cancer. chani app told me so.

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