ten things

one. spring is such a difficult season. surge of allergies, temperamental weather, aching joints as they come out of winter. michigan spring has been difficult. the temperatures dropped for about a week, rained two days in a row, steadily climbing back to the 70s, but interspersed with lows of 30s. my body is having a hard time with all this back and forth. it reminds me of texas, honestly. never thought i would say that. although i’m glad to not have triple digit summers. i will never miss those parts of texas.

two. this banana fosters coffee is not hitting the way it did before. i think it’s because i am drinking it will eating cereal. the flavors are not compatible.

three. today is the last day of reclaiming your creativity. i have so many feelings, most of them are “i could have done more”, but also, “i’m glad i showed up as i did”. i may not have a lot of physical projects to show for this class, but the conversations, the discussions, the sharing, all of that has stuck with me and i’m glad to have been a part of it.

four. yesterday i cleaned my bed sheets, organized my books, and did my laundry, took down my insulation on the windows of my camper, and set up my couch to be a reading space.

five. it is interesting to me, the things that i write for public spaces, like this list. and how my ten things lists in my writing sanctuary group is so different. it’s like i’m channeling a different part of me when i write there versus what i write here. and i don’t think that means this here is not true, it just means there are certain pieces i am able to share here versus there. all are me. all are true. i just think it’s interesting to see the difference.

six. ah damn it, why did i read the news?

seven. oh here’s a fun thing that i did in my writing sanctuary that i want to do here. let’s play a game. the first five ads in my instagram today are: salted caramel lattes from copper cow coffee (okay, yes, please), a blue ombre lace robe from zulily (i have never shopped there, but that robe looks glorious), foundation from il makiage (never heard of them, but that ad video might sell me), SAPPHIC TRAVEL AD FROM ORBITZ (yes, please), and s’mores coffee from player one coffee (i love coffee).

eight. today in the three broomsticks (my twitter list of folks i like to keep up with) there is discussion of marvel and it’s flacon and winter soldier show, adult adhd, space movies, and how tarzan is better than frozen. sometimes twitter can be fun.

nine. realizing more and more how much i hate facebook. after my year long commitment to community tour, i think i will deactivate my account. that’s not until september though. whew.

ten. fifteen minutes until my call. i need to go warm up my coffee.

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