moon femme musings

one. i am really starting to feel the spring. i’m waking up earlier, have a bit more energy, allergies are already kicking my butt. the urge to clean and rearrange and move things occur quite frequently. so too the subtle lightening of my the space around me. we are less than two weeks from the spring equinox and i’ve truly never been so excited.

two. i’m reading jane eyre for the first time and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite books. also, most excited to listen to the mr rochester episode of fuckbois of literature so i can properly vent and be validated in my feelings about him. i also really want to watch the bbc four episode series starring ruth wilson as jane. hopefully i can find it easily.

three. does anyone else want to start new routines on mondays? only to have them utterly fail by wednesday? i had a lovely chat with a dear friend last week about routine and ritual and how it just doesn’t work for either of us. and that that is okay. i’m learning to be okay with going with the flow of the day and not putting too much pressure on how the day will play out. i am trying to write most evenings, a “what i did” list instead of a to-do list, that way i can see what my day actually consists of.

four. i’m not 100% sure i like this ten things list so far and it will be interesting to see if i actually post it.

five. yesterday i went through all my monthly subscriptions and canceled the ones i don’t use often. i’m still inclined to find a book box subscription, but am having a hard time justifying it at the moment when i haven’t read all the books i have and have kindle unlimited and have very actual limited space in my camper to store them all.

six. today i dusted and vacuumed my camper. still need to figure out the best was to wash and clean the fabric as it is seeming to hold a lot of dust and my allergies are only getting worse as we enter into spring. also, i bought new sheets and i hope they are as comfy as i am told.

seven. MY BOOKS ARE HERE! y’all, i accidently put the number wrong and was afraid i would never see them since i entered a house number that doesn’t exist. whew. so glad they are here.

eight. today, i talked with a dear friend of mine and she said she had to pause her book she’s wanting to write because she can’t decide where to set it. it was originally going to be present day, but then she realized she would have to include covid and actual covid life. and y’all. my mind was blown. i do not know why i didn’t realize this before. and now i’m wondering if that’s why my book i was writing has come to a pause. nothing felt right about it, it didn’t feel real. and now i am beginning to suspect this is why. i am very interested to see what writing comes out of me now that i have had this realization.

nine. holy moly i am tired. i took two benadryls and my eyes can barely stay open. this stuff knocks me out, but i didn’t much fancy more skin irritation and allergy reactions to the cats.

ten. i’m eyeing a sleep set of comfy lightweight pajamas, but can’t justify it to myself just yet.

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