How is it already the end of January? How is it 2021? What even is time?

Yeah, I have no answers either. What I do have are some mini reviews of books and fanfic that I’ve read this month. Yes, fanfic. I am tracking them this year. I kept moaning about how much I haven’t “read” and after talking to loved ones and working through society shames, I have realized, fanfic absolutely fucking counts.

Fanfic writers are unsung heroes of fandoms, and there are some absolute gems just waiting to be found. So, I decided to start sending them to friend’s and someone recommended to me to possible start reviewing them because they bring me joy. And as everyone can sense, we all to find our joys right now.

Okay, I’m running out of things to talk about, so here we go.

January Book Reviews

Vessel of Starfire: Outlaws of Interra Book 1 by Allison Carr Waechter

It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a fantasy and Waechter’s book reminded me why I love this genre. Being immediately thrown into the world of the criminal family, the Vindicata, I was deeply impressed with the world building, the diverse characters, the queer and neurodivergence, the family relationships. I am so ready for the next book.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King.
Read for Most Horrific and Gothic Book Club

I think I read only about four or five stories. As much as I love the horror genre, I have such a difficult time reading King more often than not. Mostly because there just always seems to be a character who is racist, or homophobic, or transphobic, or fatphobic, and I have recently not been able to read around these things anymore. I used to be able to just roll my eyes and keep reading, especially if it’s older books (not saying it was “excused” even in the past), but I am not able to really do that anymore. Especially when I have a plethora of books that aren’t like this that are waiting to be read.

January Bookmarked Fan Fic

So, I actually have read over 3 million words of fanfic in January, but have decided that I will only post to ones I have personally bookmarked as re-reads. Yes, I do re-read fanfics.

I’m not going to put content warnings because if you click through the link, AO3 tagging system is brilliant and you can read those to see if this is a fic for you. More often than not, AO3 authors are heavy with the tags that way you know what you’re getting.

Top 5 Fics of January

Come Set Me Free by Slow_Burn_Sally: A Good Omens Human AU. Aziraphale is a bookseller, married to Gabriel, a life guru. Gabriel inheirts some land and a mansion, decides to hire someone to take care of the greehouse and garden. Enter, Crowley. A man with a troubled past. Aziraphale is immediately crushing on the man, but he’s straight (or so Gabriel and Aziraphale assume, bi-erasure is a thing) so it’ll be fine.

I loved this one. I have a such a soft spot for fics where Aziraphale is with Gabriel and learns that he is not being treated right, and it takes Crowley treating him like all humans deserve. I love watching the friendship develop, seeing the mutual pining, and it should be noted, I ONLY read fics that have happy endings.

Fave things: gardener Crowley, bisexual Crowley, protective as fuck Crowley, soft Aziraphale (both literally and emotionally) slow burn.

Acts of Service by seekwill: A Good Omens Human AU. PRIEST AU. Aziraphale is the new reverend, Crowley works in “security” and is mysterious. But obviously, they take a liking to each other. Quite a bit of angst and drama in this one, and it’s so good.

Fun fact: I started re-reading this as I sat down to type this review because I needed to remember which Priest AU this was (I read just about all of the ones that on AO3, I regret nothing…) and it’s just as good as when I first read it.

Fave things: how very smitten Aziraphale is with Crowley, the reunion on Christmas night, the ENDING.

If Not Now, When by ineffablefool: A Good Omens Human AU. Speaking of fics with asexual representation. LITERALLY EVERYTHING INEFFABLE FOOL WRITES IS PERFECTION. Ace-friendly fic, fat positive. In every story, Aziraphale is fat, soft, beautiful. Softness. So much soft. Crowley is trans, which is always one of my favorite canons. I don’t even know what to say here, except watching the disaster that is Crowley fall in love with Aziraphale and their relationship unfold is just beautiful.

Fave things: trans Crowley, fat/soft/beautiful Aziraphale, non-sexual intimacy, BELLY KISSES.

Arise, My Darling, And Go Forth by NaroMorea: A Good Omens Human AU. Another Priest AU. This time, both Aziraphale and Crowley are priests. Also, this one is more angst than fluff. It broke my heart in many places, watching Aziraphale struggle so much with his love for Crowley. But it is very worth it.

Read the tags for this one!

Fave things: praying the rosary together, domestic fluff because they live together

Serpents and Pyramids by boredom: A Good Omens Human/The Mummy AU. That’s it, that’s all you have to know…

Just kidding.

Ezra Fell (Aziraphale) has always wanted to be an adventurer like his mother. But fast forward to his adult years, he is engaged to a politically aspiring Gabriel, and never seems to do anything right. He has a chance for adventure after and is soon paired up with Anthony J. Crowley to take him to find a lost amulet. “Enemies” to friends to lovers ensues, and Ezra learns what it means to really be loved and cared for.

Also, Crowley has a secret.

Fave things: Crowley being so dang protective of Ezra, the secret of Crowley’s, and everything about the ending.


I just realized, according to this months reads, looks like I only read Good Omens fics, lol. I do actually read for my Wolfstar and Drarry ships as well.

What books or fics or poems have you read this month?