ten things for the full moon

1. since january 1st of this year, i have read 2,745,992 words of fanfic. the shortest fic 1,169 words, the longest fic 204,421 words.

2. i have four fanfics i am plotting, one queer cozy mystery, one random thing that popped up that wants writing, and i’m trying to be more consistent here on the blog. also, five notebooks/journals and a plethora of ideas for instagram. i’m mildly overwhelmed with ideas and stuck, but i am working with a lovely creative coach who i admire and inspires me all the time.

3. i have been meaning to clean my camper for days now, but just looking at the piles of books and clothes that i need to organize is exhausting. so i haven’t done it yet.

4. my hair is obnoxiously long again, with roughly six or seven inches of blonde roots. i have no idea what i want to do with my hair. although i am tempted to ask someone to cut it off for me, just above where the blonde turns into red, so i can at least have the same color.

5. queen anne dark chocolate cordial cherries are thawing beside me. i can’t wait to eat the whole box today.

6. i have a long clothes and home decor wishlist and it pains me to look at it. some of these items have been here for months, almost a full year, but i just can’t bring myself to buy them.

7. and i have a separate wishlist for creative projects i’ve wanted to do. art journals, painting, collaging. so many things.

8. yet another wishlist for all the books i want. but i can’t decide between buying them as e-books or physical books. so my answer is to just not buy them. lolsob.

9. i am staring at my calendar, willing myself to set an schedule of sorts so i can stick to it. but i haven’t managed to do well with that in the past and don’t want to fail again. but also, i’m at that adhd stage where i need the structure.

10. ah, i forgot about that.

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