ten things 15

1. still binging miley’s new plastic hearts album.

2. i really wish i would have kept track of all the fanfic i read this year. i only read nine books, but i am not exaggerating when i say i’ve read thousands of fanfics. ranging from 1,000 words to 500,000 words. my fave fics tend to be around 50K to 80K. again, not an exaggeration. also want to figure out how to download and put them on my kindle so i don’t have to always read on my phone.

3. these past few weeks i’ve been trying to live my best dark academia cozy aesthetic life. and i intend to carry that over for next year too. life is too short not to give in and live my obsessions.

4. i’ve been trying to figure out what to do about my virtual work. if i want to keep trying and get clients for 2021. or if i should just let that part of my work go.

5. i don’t make goals anymore for “new years”, but i do want to try my hand at digital collages and art journaling for 2021. i need another creative outlet. i can’t quite decide how or if i will share it publicly. but i want to have something to create besides just words.

6. why is it so hard to put Feelings into words?

7. my to-do list has a to-do list. i wish i were joking. you know the list of things you have to do before you do the thing? *sigh*

8. i’m really trying to finish this post before the baby gets too upset. currently he is babbling and talking to himself over the monitor. i love listening to babies talk.

9. does anyone else understand when i say “my heart stomach wants the thing but my stomach stomach doesn’t”. sometimes i eat for my heart stomach, not my stomach stomach. and then that’s a whole thing.

10. commissioning art from a friend is my favorite.

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