ten things 13

1. i have a bowl full of strawberries and blackberries that i have been eating from all day.

2. pretty sure i’ve spent most of my day staring out my window, watching the leaves swirl in mini tornados. this weird is fierce today.

3. i have a chocolate cake from my birthday yesterday, plus a sampler cake with four types of chocolate cake as an extra present cake. my people know me so well. when i said i wanted all the cake for my birthday, they delivered.

4. this whole getting dark early while i try not to use a lot of power in my camper is a struggle. i don’t like it.

5. i planned on writing a “30 things for 30” list in honor of my birthday. but i’m not sure i have the energy or mental capacity to think of 30 things. i’ll post it at some point this coming week, i hope.

6. operation keep a texan warm is on. and so far i have been able to buy two sweaters, two fleece lined leggings, wool socks, fuzzy slippers, and head band ear warmers.

7. y’all. this wind. i keep thinking it’s going to roll my camper.

8. also, i have named my camper Luna Belle. so named because of the Moon + Luna Lovegood and also Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

9. i am on day seven of quarantine post my texas trip. the prozac has kicked in so my anxiety is not too horrible and i don’t feel claustrophobic like i thought i would.

10. *sigh* have i mentioned i don’t like the early darkness?

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