ten things 12

1. currently debating a second cup of coffee. should probably eat something before i do that. but coffee sounds so much better than making food. hmmm, i’ll probably just make some toast.

2. i decided to sign up for nanowrimo. i can’t remember what year this is that i have participated. i have never “won”, never made more than about 10,000 words. but, maybe this year?

3. first cup of coffee, check. journaled this morning, check. meds, check. water, currently drinking my first cup.

4. my sister bought me the rules of magic by alice hoffman. i can’t wait to start reading that. it’s the prequel to practical magic. which is our favorite sister movie.

5. i have one more week here in texas. one more week with my babies, my mom, my sister, my stepdad. i am really glad i was able to make this trip. and it’s been a lot. and it will continue to be a lot. and election day is soon. and and and.

6. when i opened this up to write my ten things, i had so many things i wanted to write about. and now i can’t remember them.

7. ufyashehgirjfsdaypuitgarhlrueypgjkhfasoighsfsk

8. my mom is making me breakfast, so now i just need to get up and make my second cup of coffee.

9. pretty sure i need to do the dishes again. but yay for dishwashers!

10. my mom is making my coffee too. she’s the best, i’m supposed to be doing things for her. lolsob.

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