ten things 11

1. i never realized that getting blood drawn was so tiring. although, i don’t think i’ve ever had five vials taken at once. it may have been six. it was a lot, that’s all i know.

2. in the next week or so, i am heading back to texas to visit. and i have a lot of feelings about it. it’s not a “fun” trip, although i will be glad to be able to see my family again after eight months. but the medical emergency reason is not exactly how i had planned on going back. to be honest, i hadn’t planned on going back until january. to get past the holidays. to make sure they are all okay and healthy. but, the universe not so kindly reminded me that my family can get sick for other reasons. and after doing some thinking, this is the right choice for me right now.

3. i so badly want to tell y’all my reasons for going and how many times i have gone back and forth on the risk of covid-19 and the gain from being able to support my family. but i’m learning that there are people who get to know these reasons and people who don’t. and sometimes, i don’t have the energy to explain myself. and those who are close to me, know that i don’t do things lightly.

4. just ordered myself a new face mask with a nose wire and adjustable ear loops. fingers crossed this helps keep my glasses on my face. because i currently cannot wear both at the same time. my glasses fog up too much and they fall off my face if i look down.

5. i knew i should have gotten corrective eye surgery before the apocalypse.

6. my new oil heater for my camper is brilliant. it’s so damn toasty. which is great, because we have a freeze warning tonight. it comes with a remote so i can adjust it from my bed without have to get out of my warm bed.

7. the haunting of bly manor aka the story of the lesbian gardener and the american au pair. that’s it. that’s all you have to know. (okay but also hannah is amazing and so is owen.)

8. my arm is still bothering me from where the nurse drew my blood today. layers upon layers of my arm probably doesn’t help though. i’m bruised and it will probably be worse tomorrow. and i can’t sleep all curled up with my arms tucked in because my arm will get stuck. i really feel dramatic about this, but also, this was several hours ago and my arm is not back to normal, so?

9. i’m trying to follow more writers and writer coaches on instagram because i am relaly trying to focus on my writing again. i want this queer cozy mystery written and i want some short stories too. i just want to share these characters and stories that have been in my head for years.

10. does anybody else make a to-do list for the other to-do lists that you need to make? no? just me? cool.

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