ten things 10

1. i have another draft of this blog post, but it was started last week when so much of the news was depressing and horrifying. and let’s be real, it hasn’t really changed, but my brain is in a better headspace to write. not that my anxious + depressed mindset wasn’t worth sharing. but it felt entirely more vulnerable that i am used to. which is saying something.

2. the other day, i was trying to write a new social media bio. a catchy one that encompasses a lot of me and will let people know what they are signing up for. but i couldn’t bring myself to post it. because imposter syndrome. because masking. because non-specific. because hogwarts house. because because because because. so i’m just going to let that go for now.

3. currently obsessed with: dark academia + romantic academia. dark jewel tones + vintage neutral tones. ineffable husbands + ineffable wives. (if you know, you know.)

4. today, i wrote in my new notebook after only having this notebook for a day. i don’t think i can express how weird this is. my fellow writers probably understand. we collect notebooks and get obsessed with the perfect start or the perfect story to go in said notebooks that they generally remain unused for a while. so. yeah. this is a big deal.

5. facetime play dates with my five year old niece is one of my favorite things.

6. one of my friends made me a cocoa mix with pumpkin spice. i mixed that in with my coffee this morning and it might actually rival the mochas i used to get from my local coffee shop.

7. i keep telling myself i am not going to post here until i make this site look prettier, have more pictures, organize the categories and tags. but for now, i’m just going to keep doing this. my words are enough.

8. coffee break short stories.

9. i need to make a wishlist for my camper. maybe separate ones for more time sensitive things vs long term things. i do know that fairy lights are on my list.

10. daydreaming about dying my hair purple and blue. but also rose gold. but also draco malfoy blond. but also red. but also shaving part of my head. but also shaving all of my head. *sighs in queer frustration*

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