ten things 09

1. today’s music playlist includes korn, disturbed, seether, rob zombie, deftones, godsmack, and marilyn manson. i am apparently in a very specific angst spell right. i’m not mad, per se. but i have very little patience, some soft simmering rage, and it feels good to jam it out instead of yell at someone.

2. the west coast is still on fire. a few loved ones of mine have already evacuated or are needing to as the fire spreads more, as the air gets more difficult to breathe in, and it’s hard to see. i have also read earlier today that the smoke is spreading and the air quality is getting worse all the way to the midwest. i wonder if i will see it here in michigan.

3. a dash (or three) of pumpkin spice and honey in my coffee today.

4. debating pausing therapy for now. it’s helping-ish. but i also wish it was a little more. and maybe i just need to tell her that. ask for some homework or something. i’m just afraid i’m trying to do too many things. that’ another thing i should probably tell her. fine, i won’t pause therapy.

5. math is really not my strong suit. numbers are hard.

6. my to-buy book list just got so much longer. tuesdays are new book release days and every tuesday i still get surprised. and so so many queer voices this month ❤ ❤ ❤

7. current apps open: none, because i forgot that i was supposed to be doing a thing and got distracted by writing this instead. *pauses to open apps that i need* okay, still going to keep writing, though.

8. maybe i should invest in a decaf coffee too for the evening. except i have had the decaf of this brand and it tastes really different. i’m not just saying that to sound like a coffee hipster. it’s different. roasting coffee science is a thing.

9. my left knee has been hurting for a handful of days. this knee brace is working, i think. but also, it hurts even more at night and i can’t normally sleep the full night with the brace on. i feel very trapped with it under my blanket. my knee also hurts when i’ve been sitting too long. speaking of sitting, i’m queer. do you know how hard it is to sit straight? really fucking hard! (if you know, you know)

10. jkr has become umbridge (the character that was more hated than voldemort). i mean, she has been for a while, but with this most recent tripling down and releasing that new book. i just am angry. fuck. her. also, trying very hard to remember when i buy my potter fandom things, to buy from fan made stores instead so i stop giving her my money.

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