ten things 06

1. i finally put my mail on hold. i’ve only meant to do that the past few months so my papa isn’t bombarded by junk mail and bills.

2. making a pros and cons list isn’t as therapeutic as i thought it would be.

3. my to-do list seems to get longer. for every one thing i am able to check off, a handful of new things pops up.

4. tobacco & patchouli paddywax candles are my favorite. a dear friend sent me on and then i ordered another one.

5. slowly accumulating slytherin (aka dark academia) aesthetic things. one day, when i have a house of my own, or an apartment, each room is going to be based on the hogwarts houses. i don’t care what anyone thinks. rowling sucks, but the wizarding world belongs to the fans now. so.

6. i have seven pages of a wolfstar fanfic written. i’m excited and not sure if i will post it on ao3, but i will share it amongst my friends for sure.

7. i have a massive bruise on my right thigh and i’m not entirely sure where it came from? i suspect it comes from falling and shuffling around in my chair while we sorted through books last night. but i can’t be certain.

8. laundry is on my to-do list. all my clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. i’ve needed to for three days now, just kept forgetting. oops.

9. there are so many overlaps with anxiety, ADHD, and autism that i just sit there and think to myself “yup, yup, all of that is me. fantastic.” it’s interesting to me how neurodivergence works.

10. one day i am going to do something more than post here once or twice a month. one day.

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