ten things 04

1. Let’s pretend it hasn’t been seven months since I’ve written on this blog. Okay? Okay.

2. Speaking of months: I’ve been in Michigan for three months. I came here in February for work, then pandemic happened. It’s not currently safe for me to travel or live in Texas, so I am here until who knows when.

3. Today, I had a FaceTime play date with my niblings. My Leo ran around the yard with me so we could chase the dog together. My Scorpio locked me in a play stove and almost dropped me in a water bowl while showing me his new rubber ducks.

4. I have 33 audio files from two different online summits & 22 downloaded podcasts that I have not listened to yet. My attention span is not great right now.

5. My insomnia is the worst it’s ever been this past week. Full Moon + cycle + depression. Four out of seven days were spent in my bed. I just could not be bothered to move except to pee.

6. I did just get The Artist’s Way book/Morning Pages journal/Workbook and am hoping by going through it, that I will be able to get my brain out of this fog. But also, trying to give myself some grace because my brain is probably in self-preservation mode because pandemic.

7. I wonder how long I’m going to keep saying “because pandemic”? When are things not going to be related to this pandemic?

8. Currently craving: chocolate chocolate chip pancakes with lots of syrup and extra crispy bacon from IHOP, hashbrowns from McDonald’s, and fancy as fuck caramel lattes from a fancy cafe.

9. Social media has been difficult for me lately. I’m not posting as much, not sharing as much. Because there is just too much.

10. One day, I’m going to gather all of my writings from the past few months and keep it together as my COVID journals. Not that I have been writing very much. But every now and then I get on these writing binges. But more often than not, my writing looks like a list of Ten Things.

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