ten things 03

1. Drinking coffee at 2 PM. Glancing at the clock, still drinking coffee, and it’s 6 PM.

2. Contemplating restorative justice and what that looks like in our current criminal justice system. Heavily contemplating as deeply persona life starts to blend with theories and ideologies.

3. Daydreaming (or evening dreaming) about living on my own, in my own space, away from too many people. Yet close enough for when I need to feel not alone.

4. Music Oracle Hack —- Open Spotify, “Liked Songs”, shuffle. First song is a message: I Want U by Alison Wonderland. (That was the first song I ever liked on my account. Sitting in a coffee shop in Little Chute, Wisconsin. Now I desperately wish I wouldn’t have deleted my 3,000 page story I wrote that day.)

5. There are branches of yellow and orange leaves just right outside this window. Also, squirrels are running up and down and just settling in.

6. Stacks of books, unread. Just re-read Harry Potter. Piles of notebooks, empty. Just scroll through past notes on phone. Watch list, unwatched. Re-watch Murder, She Wrote over and over.

7. Wondering if a visualization of an altar space counts as a “real” altar space? For folks who are in the closet or don’t have a physical space to practice. Hmmmm.

8. Missing San Antonio. So much.

9. Another Music Oracle: X Amount of Words by Blue October.

10. This took me an hour to write……welp. Here we are.

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