ten things & a summoning

I can’t remember where I read about the “ten things” as a writing practice, but my dear Alisha Sommer does it so well and it’s inspiring. Likewise, I can’t remember where I saw the “five things you would use to summon me” meme, but my lovely Nicole calls these “a summoning” and I so enjoy them.

ten things

1. The second pot of coffee was perfection. A lightly roasted pumpkin spice flavored coffee with maple syrup for sweetener.

2. Finally watched a few episodes of Castle Rock, although I can’t look at Noel Fisher and not see Mickey Milkovich from Shameless. It’s weird seeing him as a correctional officer and not the one behind bars.

3. Enjoying post after post of David Tennant and Michael Sheen as my celestial queer dads on Pinterest/Tumblr and re-watching Good Omens just to see their faces and hear their voices.

4. Alternating crying and laughing as I think about life and the Universe. Being a human, or something like it, is so strange.

5. Baby snuggles are the best, but I do hate when they are sick. Snotty noses and hoarse little baby voices. But how I love my little Leo and my wee Scorpio niblings. (Niblings is the gender neutral/collective term for nieces and newphews.)

6. Waiting all day to go to bed and bedtime finally comes…..now I can’t seem to relax or turn off my brain.

7. “You looked terrified when I told you I planned on going home tomorrow,” I said. “I was terrified,” she said. So now I’m extending my trip to my sisters just a bit longer, I suppose.

8. This trip is staring to blur together. I can’t quite remember when I came, or how long I’ve been here. Or what day is what. It’s also a difficult feeling to have to switch between two spaces as I can’t seem to fit entirely into anyone’s schedules or life. So I make do and squeeze in where I can.

9. Summers are too hot in Texas. Well, summer is too hot everywhere now. 9: 30 PM and it’s dropped down to 90 degrees, finally.

10. “Love wins.”

a summoning

1. Ice cold water and a vanilla Dr. Pepper with three cherries.

2. 70s/80s classic rock playlist on repeat.

3. Cold aloe vera on hot summer skin.

4. The smell of summer roses.

5. A set of silk robes for every night of the week.


  1. Nicole says:

    Love you, lovely!


  2. Mommy says:

    Awww. .sweet.


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